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  • Information Age and the Loss of Wisdom

    Information Age and the Loss of Wisdom0

    There are several definitions of the world information, but in everyday life it is equated with the communication, data, and knowledge. Any individual has to do with information in order to perceive outward things. It helps in correct assessment of events, making decisions, finding the better variant of actions. Intuitively people understand that information is supposed to be something that each of us improves our knowledge with.

  • Contemporary and Devastating: The Plague of Anxiety Disorder

    Contemporary and Devastating: The Plague of Anxiety Disorder0

    Statistics of anxiety increase, panic strikes, suicidal thoughts causes worry, leading in turn to the chronic anxiety, which nowadays became one of the prevailing mental maladies with more than 40,000,000 diagnosed with it only in North America. It is emotionally and energetically exhaustive and causes many cardio-vascular, gastro-intestinal and immune system disorders, not to mention its ability to distract productive life, deprive of joy and happiness, for people are not capable of feeling positive and negative emotions simultaneously.

  • Ethnic Identity and Culture in a Globalized Multicultural World

    Ethnic Identity and Culture in a Globalized Multicultural World0

    What blue jeans meant to a young Russian student in the late Soviet Union went beyond the mere civilizational requisite of clothing; it stood for freedom and the longing for a social reality he felt was denied to him. Blue jeans became the symbolic outcry of a generation of Russians who dreamt the good life and wanted to break away from the USSR. During the late eighties Black markets in Russia thrived with blue jeans smuggled from the United States, where people even risked jail for a nice pair of denim. The instance of blue jeans is characteristic of what sociologist George Ritzer has termed the ‘McDonaldization’ of society, where globalization not only invades the world market but also influences in culturally hegamonizing weaker societies and homogenizing ethnicities.

  • The Individual, Alienation and the Workplace

    The Individual, Alienation and the Workplace0

    David is your average everyday guy. Middle aged, married with children, he lives the ideal middle class suburban life. A dedicated and competent professional, he works full-time in a big Multi National Corporation. During his days off he goes fishing, contributes to charity and involves himself in community service and attends church unfailingly every Sunday with his family. For those around him, he seems a happy guy content and well settled in life. But what they don’t know about David is his frequent pangs of anxiety, high tension which has led him to be a chronic heart patient, dissatisfaction with work and the sense of disquietude he feels in life. A highly trained architect passionate about buildings, David has been working for the past two decades in a faceless MNC so huge that he doesn’t even know the purpose of his job. He feels like the ancillary of a machine, replaceable and immaterial. “Don’t bring your work home”, his wife tells him every time he opens up about issues at the office. His only solace is the shrink’s couch that costs him 150 dollars an hour. Disenchanted, dissatisfied, David at age fifty has slowly realized this is all life is going to offer him and has resigned to his fate silently.

  • Under the Bombardment of the Needs

    Under the Bombardment of the Needs0

    Every life begins in the same way. You are small, naked and vulnerable. You need to eat, you need to drink, you need to sleep, and let’s be honest – you really need some love too. Then, you grow up, and suddenly you need some other stuff. You need new clothes, new phone with an excellent camera, Wi-Fi everywhere you go, and of course: more money and less weight. Then you start skipping your meals, and you forget about sleeping because it’s a luxury. The next thing that happens is that you have just enough money for all that you ever wished for, but you also have dark rings under your eyes, a headache and you probably have a depression too.

  • The Option Inflation: Cost of the Freedom to Choose

    The Option Inflation: Cost of the Freedom to Choose0

    The mankind fought some serious wars for freedom and human rights. They say that the history is written by the victors, but we all know that the biggest victors are those who gave their lives for freedom and remained annonimous. They are heros, because without them the world would never be what it is today.We gained what we wanted for all those centuries, we have our freedom to choose our life partners, our education and our leaders. In 1948 United Nations proclaimed The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and those rights are equal for all nations of the world, without exception. And now we can finally say that you and I and every other person in this world are completely free to choose our way of living. It`s a beautiful feeling to know that, but we live in the real world where every beautiful thing has its price.