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  • Meaning in the Age of Nihilism

    Meaning in the Age of Nihilism0

    In 2000 I wrote a few hundred words on “The Age of Nihilism.” Some years later that descriptive title is far more apt than before. Like a poison gas settling down over a battlefield, nihilism has, at least for the moment, begun to cloak or threaten so much of contemporary life and thought.

  • Proud to be Blind

    Proud to be Blind90

    How could I, the average Muslim, without any scholarly credentials, ever understand anything? And since I can’t, and since I’m not qualified, why bother even trying to understand the only book worth reading, the Quran? I will just shut my eyes, my ears, my imagination, my creativity, my thoughts, my feelings, my logic, my rationality, and I will just do as told, for that is the surest way to eternal bliss in the next life…