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Dealing With the Bleeding Wounds of Life

Dealing With the Bleeding Wounds of Life
We all do have some bleeding wounds...Photo by Gerd Altmann

Childhood is undoubtedly one of the most important periods in life. A segment of our existence, in which we tend to learn values and skills to use later in life, but we also face some difficulties or issues for the first time, that we need to overcome. Some of which can leave a serious impact on us, such as the death of a beloved one, or an abuse experience.  And a phenomenon of hardly recovering or moving on from this occurrences can be a sign that we suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.


So as mentioned, traumatic stress occurs when children or adolescents have inability to cope with traumatic events they are exposed to. And a lot of people in modern world do suffer from this.  This is firstly result of mental illness increase, as many people that suffer from PTSD often have problems with depression or inability to define themselves, also known as personality disorders. Also there is increased substance abuse or other health problems that can lead to PTSD by presenting us to unpleasant events. Family abuse is probably the most common cause, and while some children are able to overcome that, some simply cannot, and are left with maybe even a lifelong problem.

On the other hand, the increase of PTSD does give certain type of people an option to blame their mistakes or failures or simply the lack of ambition, on traumas. So basically, there is a trend, where people who are not informed or are actually aware, are using the condition they probably do not have, to justify themselves. This can occur in various types. Some actually do have some kind of a problem, like lack of confidence, or low self-esteem, so the first time they do not succeed in something, they do not try to repeat it, as they think that it would be a traumatizing experience. Failing to join a team or having a quarrel with a friend is not a reason to let your ambitions down, for sure. On the contrary, persons should try even harder than the time they failed or did not prove what they wanted, and try to learn from their mistakes.

One may face with numerous difficulties and bad experiences during any time of life. So for example losing a job once can for sure not be a trauma, although some might feel like that and give up everything in life because of that, trying to make a poor guy out of themselves, so that the others would feel sorry. At times, one may encounter with emotional breakdowns as well, and it is not the end of the world, but some still cannot move on, only due to lack of strength. They were simply accustomed to the state, before the problem occurred, so once the issue appeared, they could not try to make things better because they felt it was so stressing, that things are going to be even worse if they try to improve them.

People have to realize, that no matter how big a problem might initially look like, everything in life has a solution. Having faith, hope and being focused on how to get out of the issue is crucial to keep on moving. You might need help of others, be it your partner, family member or friend, but do not hide away from it, accept it and find an exit. Simply giving up and using terms and problems that we do not have, is not going to do anyone any benefit. Remember that, when climbing a mountain, you could trip or fall numerous times, but you have to get up in order to reach the peak.

Also, as it was already said, it is not that everyone are faking traumatic stress. But even for the persons that actually have PTSD, although it does not seem like that, there is a solution. You just have to have enough strength and faith in yourself, strive to succeed in life. Again, consulting a friend or psychiatrist in order to cope and overcome your problem is not a shame. Share your problems, and let others effect you in a positive way.

After all, we all do have some bleeding wounds. Some of those wounds might be heavily bleeding, some already have a scab developed, and the other ones are starting to hurt suddenly without a reason, but we are still walking with happiness with an inch of reach!

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