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Farewell to the Statuses!

Farewell to the Statuses!

We all had our dreams. When you were a kid, I suppose you dreamed about achieving something big in your life. We all did. We had our answers ready if any adult person asked: What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor, a pilot, a teacher, a lawyer, a judge. I can remember myself dreaming about becoming a medical doctor, and to be honest, I had that dream until the day I was eighteen years old and I actually had to decide what I want to be when I grow up. So I gave up my dream, because reality never helps you with it. On the contrary, it will give you all the possible reasons to give up, because you are young and you are insecure, and you can't fight with that pressure.

The world is now full of injustice. Some people are born with big chances, with great financial support and great places for living and education, while some are born on the edge, and only hard work can save them. Those people too had their dreams when they were kids, and when you find out that some of them accomplished their goals I suppose your heart is full too. But did all those people who became lawyers and doctors really succeed to ensure their financial security? What happens when your dream come true and you realize that you have no status and no privileges at all?  And it turns out that you ARE a pilot or an academic, and you ask yourself daily: Was it just a childish imagination, all those shinny admirations and compliments you thought you’d get?

Professions like scientists, professors, lawyers and medical doctors are strongly connected with institutions. And the problem is that modern institutions lose their statuses and prestige very rapidly. That is happening because in every field we get more and more competition.

You probably already know what alternative medicine is, and it won’t be surprising if you know at least one person who tried an alternative way of treatment. And the fact is, I suppose, that in time this type of medicine will become more popular than the conventional one. Some ways of treatment in conventional medicine are too old, too risky or they are failing too many times. So people are looking for some newer and safer ways.

And, when you think about it, it is very logical. It`s so much easier to believe in healing power of plants or teas, or even the healing power of a good mood and self-help groups than to believe in some old chemical drugs. You see, all that power and prestige of the traditional medicine are in trouble because of the herbal medicine, folk remedies and homeopathy, and so are traditional medical doctors and chemical pharmacists. According to American National Center for Health Statistics and their survey, approximately 38 percent of adults are using some type of alternative medicine, and also 12 percent of the children. Those are not small numbers.

The same is with professors and their shinny prestigious call. There are so many new ways to learn something nowadays. You can watch documentaries and you can find on Google everything you want to know… Or you can download applications for learning, or you can learn almost everything just by using your mobile phone: languages, math, geography and history. Who needs old yelling professor when you can get your knowledge in 25mb?
If you dreamed about becoming a pilot, sorry to disappoint, but the situation isn’t much better for them either. Their job is losing its prestige because they are losing so many functions. Slowly everything is getting automatized, so their responsibility isn’t that big like before. And you will agree responsibility is what makes you feel admired.

Today everyone wants to be original and different, and that’s good because our lives are not controlled by statuses and titles. But it’s funny, we never knew that one day the kids will start to dream about becoming bloggers or life-coaches. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a bad opinion about those jobs, I just thought that childish dreams remain the same no matter what happens.

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