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The Career Labyrinth: There is No Exit

The Career Labyrinth: There is No Exit
There is no exit from the career labyrinth...Photo by Gerd Altmann

Most of us have been told, at least few times in our childhood, that education, effort and hard work lead us to a successful life. And yeah, in general we do accept that statement. In a world where there are much more people than there are jobs and opportunities available, every little counts. So if we devote ourselves to improving on daily bases and having ambitions, we are on great path to success. But is this effort really that worth it?

All of us do have dreams, starting from young age, realistic or not. Some want to become a pilot, others an architect, and then there are the ones seeking to be some kind of artist. And no matter what we want to be, it demands focus, strength, effort and work. By the age of 19, we have finished our middle school, most of us have developed some type of experience and characteristics that will follow us our whole life, and our life adventure is just starting.

Exactly, at that age, we might stop and ask ourselves what should be our next move. In this world financial stability is everything, so a lot of people want to become independent as soon as possible. And that stability mostly does not fall from the sky. It demands a lot of time devoted towards educating, and earning a lot of skills, so you could get a job or create a carrier. That also does mean that you are maybe missing out on something at best years of your life. Most people use their 20s and 30s, to achieve as much as they can as their productivity, creativity and will is then at its peak. But at the same time, that age is when most people begin with their family life. So there is a dilemma now, what is more important? Some might want to devote equally to their family and career, but is that really possible?

So you have a wholesome job, that might even turn into a great career, of course if you commit as much as you can. Working for 8 or 10 hours, even if you are your own boss, cannot be easy, no matter how much you like the job. After a hard working day, you are possibly very exhausted and tired, probably even nervous, so every little small argument can make you explode. And the fact that you could be more effective than you were, bothers you all along the way. Thus you end up in an never ending circle where there is nothing else to think about, other than contemplating on how you earn more money or how you get a better position. This leads to a person becoming pretty asocial, as there is no time to hang out or relax with friends, while family life suffers as well. Having a kid is a great responsibility, so if one parent is not present enough, no matter how good of a job the other one does, it is not enough. Do you really want to miss your kid growing up, when it is something most beautiful to watch, with you being a part of it, simply because you could have earned few hundreds of dollars more?

No matter how much you devoted yourself, or have worked, all that can simply disappear in a matter of a second. Most of things in life are temporary, be it good or bad. People who give themselves only into career and strive for achievements, usually end up in finding that the best epochs of their lifetime are over, and that they have not much in their hands other than some amount of money and perhaps some meaningless title. People do not realize that they can easily be replaced with almost every aspect of life, but in family. So that should be on the first place, nothing is more important.

Also at the moment, people do not actually think how life is short, and in a few blinks, you are at your 50s or 60s, looking back at your life and realizing that you do not have anything, but your money and success. But success in career, is not the only one that there is. You probably missed opportunities to travel or relax, and even if you did do that, you were probably still obsessed with thinking about how can you improve your career, not focusing on a moment and trying to make memories. Your life actually was not an adventure that it should have been in the first place, because you didn’t let it be, thinking that it all revolves about one thing, namely the career, not having in consideration how wide life actually is.

I do not aim to discourage you from having great ambitions to succeed in your life and have a good career. On the contrary a normal person is a person with ambitions. If you can balance various aspects of life, giving one part of yourself to each, then go and do it! But never get caught up in life with one goal, walking down the career labyrinth, that does not have an exit.

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