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Under the Bombardment of the Needs

Under the Bombardment of the Needs
We created so much that it is a heavy burden now...Photo by Andi Gra

Every life begins in the same way. You are small, naked and vulnerable. You need to eat, you need to drink, you need to sleep, and let’s be honest – you really need some love too. Then, you grow up, and suddenly you need some other stuff. You need new clothes, new phone with an excellent camera, Wi-Fi everywhere you go, and of course: more money and less weight. Then you start skipping your meals, and you forget about sleeping because it’s a luxury. The next thing that happens is that you have just enough money for all that you ever wished for, but you also have dark rings under your eyes, a headache and you probably have a depression too.

What about the mankind? The mankind has its life too, just like you, your lover, your neighbor, and just like me…   The only difference is that we call it: the evolution. In the beginnings, it was small, naked and vulnerable. Every human that ever lived had his role in the process of its development. We got on our feet when we created the wheel, after that we needed some way to put our thoughts on the paper so we started to write, just like a child.

With time, the mankind needed more space for itself, so we cut some forests and we built those magnificent skyscrapers. But then, just like an adolescent – the mankind got bored. We created the radio and then television and the entertainment started. The problem is, you know, that everyone is quickly bored by any form of the entertainment. So we created internet and we put our lives there.

Now the mankind is transparent. Every single piece of the mankind is on the internet. Do you want to know the name of my pet or my favorite movie? Well, it’s not a problem, you don’t need to speak to me, spend time with me and I definitely don’t have to love you, you’ll get that information online. You can also see a photo of my boyfriend, or a photo of the lunch I had earlier today. Every new product, every new trend is making us more and more needy. We can never get enough; there is always something we’re lacking.

Finally, the humankind is an adult. But what happened? Does it need more entertainment or some other stuff we talked about? Our home, the planet Earth, is running out of water. True, it is called The Blue Planet, but the problem is real, because 97 percent of all that blue is in fact salt water. According to BBC, every year two million people die from the thirst. Also, it will take fifty years until we realize that we have a serious problem with food. We don’t have enough land and enough water to produce all that food, because UN experts believe that we will need 70 percent more food than we need now. It’s a serious number. So if you watched Interstellar, now you know, that part of the movie wasn’t science fiction. You realize, our basic needs are in real trouble, the mankind is hungry and thirsty.

We created so much, so many genious things. The problem is that we WANTED so many things, and now we NEED those things. And we will need more, untill we realize it’s too late.

For example, we needed food to survive, but now we need the best restaurant in town just to make a good picture with that food in it. And then one day, we will again need that food for its real purpose, that is, just to feed our stomachs. In that moment we will know that the circle of life is over, and  that the mankind is again small, naked and vulnerable. Pretty much like once it was, before we bombarded it with our needs.

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