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  • A Fork in the Road

    A Fork in the Road0

    Life is a series of forks in the road. At each junction, you have to take one path or the other, and the whole rest of your life can be permanently altered by this choice. Should you go to college or join the Army? Should you buy a new car or a used one? Should you get married or continue living in sin?

  • Meaning in the Age of Nihilism

    Meaning in the Age of Nihilism0

    In 2000 I wrote a few hundred words on “The Age of Nihilism.” Some years later that descriptive title is far more apt than before. Like a poison gas settling down over a battlefield, nihilism has, at least for the moment, begun to cloak or threaten so much of contemporary life and thought.

  • The Fading Hopes of the Arab Spring

    The Fading Hopes of the Arab Spring0

    The Arab Spring was set in motion by the actions of a single man, Muhammad Bouazizi, in Tunisia on December 17, 2010. The man set himself ablaze in response to the Tunisian government confiscating his stand a day before. Like many men in the Middle East, he worked humbly as a vendor – his stand being the only source of income for his family. When the government had confiscated his livelihood without justification, he reacted radically.

  • Proud to be Blind

    Proud to be Blind0

    How could I, the average Muslim, without any scholarly credentials, ever understand anything? And since I can’t, and since I’m not qualified, why bother even trying to understand the only book worth reading, the Quran? I will just shut my eyes, my ears, my imagination, my creativity, my thoughts, my feelings, my logic, my rationality, and I will just do as told, for that is the surest way to eternal bliss in the next life…

  • Regime Change to Save the Syrian People is Pure Hypocrisy

    Regime Change to Save the Syrian People is Pure Hypocrisy0

    Let’s start with the obvious: not a single international player cares about the welfare or security of the Syrian people. They may say they care, but actions speak louder than words.

  • Supply and Demand Curve of the Happiness Market

    Supply and Demand Curve of the Happiness Market0

    Modern consumption oriented society gradually transforms culture and starts to dictate its own laws. One of the fundamental laws of this new dictatorship is worshiping success and material well-being cult. Modern society does not need sufferers and loosers; it requires beautiful, happy and successful people. Anyone willing to be considered its full-fledged member simply MUST be successful and happy. It is no longer enough to “have not less and not worse than others”, humanity feels the burden of the usual trend of developments; for people have to successfully compete within the society.