Fetelina is a website for those in search of new thoughts, new words.

We cover a wide range of articles and opinions focusing on various aspects of life on our planet. There seem to be a number of social, cultural and slightly political issues on which, we think, we have something new to say.

The Aim

We have founded this website to say a few words which we think could be useful in understanding the ongoing adventure of humanity on the earth. The aim is to make our own contribution to the accumulated experience of humankind. And not only that of humankind. But more precisely, to add something to the life around us. We are the descendants of previous generations. We are sons and daughters of the mother earth. We have inherited resources, cultures, knowledge and many means of our living from our past generations and from the mother earth. So, we believe, now it is our own turn to leave some heritage to the future. This heritage will be, on our part, in the form of bringing together and expressing a variety of new thoughts. We aim to explore new horizons and leave that journey as a heritage to the future generations.

The Name

It may sound like a Latin word, but it’s not! Fetelina is in Zaza language, meaning “to wander, and to search for something.” Why such an unpopular name? Well, we want to move the center of popularity from established parts and cultures of the world to not-much-known places and cultures! Perhaps the time has come for the shiny downtowns to hear voices from back neighborhoods. Don’t be scared of these distrustful lands; you will have friends and hosts guiding you through the evil!

The Style

Fetelina is not, yet another of thousands of news websites. Quite contrary, we would like to keep a certain distance to the daily news industry. In fact, the incessant flow of the news agenda and the information bombardment that comes with it, not only poison us, but also paralyze our ability of healthy thinking. Perhaps we need to keep back and calm down a bit. So here at Fetelina, instead of repeating habitual editorial practices, we will only write when we have something new to say. A useful and thought provoking content, embellished with a beautiful writing style. This will be our editorial motto.

The Resources

Fetelina does not have a huge team. It has come to life thanks to very few people with very limited resources. So, in a sense, the conditions are very favorable for a creative and impressive editorial work… We are modest enough with our ambitions. We don’t want to get popular or get rich. So there is not really much finance involved. For time being the expenses are not that much anyway. If we have heavier financial burdens in the future, we may resort to donation-like methods. In any case, we are determined to stay away from the wheels of economy!

Your Contribution

We would more than welcome any contribution from the friends from around the world. But we also please all our future contributors to respect and consider the editorial principles we have set. That is, just contribute when you have something new to say, and do it with a beautiful style. Repeating mediocre clichés over and over again, is certainly the last thing we all need. We urge all our contributors to spend their time and resources only for valuable works.

Contact and Interaction

Needless to say, we would love to hear and learn how we sound in the outer world. So, any sort of opinions, ideas, criticism and suggestions from your end will be much appreciated. We shall definitely respond to all such communication, albeit sometimes a bit delayed, due to high volume.

And lastly, Fetelina is operated from Istanbul, Turkey. Should you happen to pass nearby, come over for a cup of tea!

Cemal Atila