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  • A Fork in the Road

    A Fork in the Road0

    Life is a series of forks in the road. At each junction, you have to take one path or the other, and the whole rest of your life can be permanently altered by this choice. Should you go to college or join the Army? Should you buy a new car or a used one? Should you get married or continue living in sin?

  • Supply and Demand Curve of the Happiness Market

    Supply and Demand Curve of the Happiness Market0

    Modern consumption oriented society gradually transforms culture and starts to dictate its own laws. One of the fundamental laws of this new dictatorship is worshiping success and material well-being cult. Modern society does not need sufferers and loosers; it requires beautiful, happy and successful people. Anyone willing to be considered its full-fledged member simply MUST be successful and happy. It is no longer enough to “have not less and not worse than others”, humanity feels the burden of the usual trend of developments; for people have to successfully compete within the society.