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  • A Fork in the Road

    A Fork in the Road0

    Life is a series of forks in the road. At each junction, you have to take one path or the other, and the whole rest of your life can be permanently altered by this choice. Should you go to college or join the Army? Should you buy a new car or a used one? Should you get married or continue living in sin?

  • Supply and Demand Curve of the Happiness Market

    Supply and Demand Curve of the Happiness Market0

    Modern consumption oriented society gradually transforms culture and starts to dictate its own laws. One of the fundamental laws of this new dictatorship is worshiping success and material well-being cult. Modern society does not need sufferers and loosers; it requires beautiful, happy and successful people. Anyone willing to be considered its full-fledged member simply MUST be successful and happy. It is no longer enough to “have not less and not worse than others”, humanity feels the burden of the usual trend of developments; for people have to successfully compete within the society.

  • Male Sports Addiction: A Clinical Profile

    Male Sports Addiction: A Clinical Profile0

    Untreated mental illness is one of the greatest tragedies of our society. Vast human potential is wasted by demons in the mind. One such disorder afflicts primarily males and is so pervasive that it is often seen as “normal” in spite of its devastating effects. This disease has spawned a huge legalized industry of pushers and traffickers who provide the vulnerable victim with the illusion of happiness. Like cocaine and alcohol, this addiction draws the victim away from productive pursuits and encourages him to neglect his family and responsibilities as well as his own health and future.

  • Now So Far Away: Our Self-sufficient Past

    Now So Far Away: Our Self-sufficient Past0

    We live in the era of Google and the super mart. Knowledge is just a fingertip away and you can buy sarees from Jaipur, ceramics from South Africa and asparagus from Chile, all under one roof. From a hunter-gatherer herder community we have come a long way into the modern civilization where the third molar has become only but an inconvenience. ‘Modernity’ seems to have replaced the barbaric/primitive life and beliefs of the past. However while contemporary civilization seems to provide all the luxuries of a fulfilling lifestyle, we continue to live increasingly a confined existence.

  • The Art in 21st Century: Any Taste?

    The Art in 21st Century: Any Taste?0

    The time we are living in has so many good possibilities. We are free to go wherever we want, we can express loudly our attitudes, and we can create everything we imagine. Technology is here to provide us those things, and also many others. But hey, there is probably something that technology can enable for us neither today nor tomorrow… I know! It`s something you are born with – or you are not, and there is no maybe in between. It’s old-fashioned, holly Creativity, with big C, for all those who actually have it.

  • Ethnicity and Culture

    Ethnicity and Culture0

    Ethnic group or ethnicity is the thing that describes you; it is a large group of people who have the same national, racial, or cultural origins, or the state of belonging to such a group (according to Cambridge dictionary). I bet you also heard about terms ethnic groups, ethnic consciousness, and ethnic identity. Why is ethnicity important? Because it can control opportunities and ways of functioning in the society. Ethnic identity is related to most aspects of life in our modern age, like career or partner selection, and education.