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  • Information Age and the Loss of Wisdom

    Information Age and the Loss of Wisdom0

    There are several definitions of the world information, but in everyday life it is equated with the communication, data, and knowledge. Any individual has to do with information in order to perceive outward things. It helps in correct assessment of events, making decisions, finding the better variant of actions. Intuitively people understand that information is supposed to be something that each of us improves our knowledge with.

  • Contemporary and Devastating: The Plague of Anxiety Disorder

    Contemporary and Devastating: The Plague of Anxiety Disorder0

    Statistics of anxiety increase, panic strikes, suicidal thoughts causes worry, leading in turn to the chronic anxiety, which nowadays became one of the prevailing mental maladies with more than 40,000,000 diagnosed with it only in North America. It is emotionally and energetically exhaustive and causes many cardio-vascular, gastro-intestinal and immune system disorders, not to mention its ability to distract productive life, deprive of joy and happiness, for people are not capable of feeling positive and negative emotions simultaneously.