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  • Smart Cities or Final Fatal Strike to Freedom?

    Smart Cities or Final Fatal Strike to Freedom?0

    Most of us hearing “Smart city” imagine some sort of futuristic panorama: flying cars, robots, lasers, holographic objects. That is not quite right, however, for smart city, also known as “Intellectual or digital city”, is named so not only because of the technologies used for its development.   

  • Is Economic Growth Inevitable?

    Is Economic Growth Inevitable?0

    Economics – literally the home management, the knowledge on housekeeping, the taking care of it. The more developed and organized it is the better is the life of “the house” inhabitants. Thus the growth of economic, its development shall be considered a useful tool for better future of countries where it is observed. Economic growth improves living standards, technologies, infrastructure, population education level and its health, while reducing poverty.

  • What Are We Doing in the Space?

    What Are We Doing in the Space?1

    Myriads of stars glimmering and shimmering unexplored and obscured kept tempting inquisitive minds for centuries. Humanity always tried to comprehend its assignment in the Universe, adoring and fearing it and strongly believing it to be the home of supreme absolute.

  • Do We Need Schools?

    Do We Need Schools?0

    When I recall my school years, it seems to me that all we, children, were doing is reading, writing, learning by heart, practicing and sitting at the desk either at school or at home while time to spend playing with friends was vanishing with every passing year. I can hardly remember my own self without a book in my hands. Modern children have even less spare time, with school lasting from early morning till late afternoon and avalanching after school activities. Remaining minutes are packed with computer games and web based socializing.

  • What Will Our Robotic Future Look Like?

    What Will Our Robotic Future Look Like?0

    Dreams on robotic future are well described by one of the Francisco De Goya’s caprichos: “Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters; united with her, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of their marvels.” The word “Robot” originates from Slavic “rabota”, which in modern language means “work”, but comes from ancient “rabu” with the meaning of “slave”. This is what most people see the robots functions in – serving.

  • Self-driving Cars for a Self-negating Humanity

    Self-driving Cars for a Self-negating Humanity0

    Can you imagine life without your phone or without the television? I guess it’s hard, but what if you have no microwave in the kitchen, no boiler, and no hair dryer. Those are things you never think about, you just have them. You buy them, you use them, and then you replace them with the new ones.  That is what we all do. I suppose you can’t imagine life without technology, but the people who lived 500 years ago couldn’t even dream about a bulb!