How to Join Us

How to Join Fetelina as an Author

As a website in search of new thoughts, Fetelina is open to new and alternative ideas. We would more than welcome any contribution from the friends from around the world. So if you think you have something new and original to say, you are most welcome to join Fetelina as an author. We would be more than happy to embrace different opinions which will reflect the diversity of our planet.

At Fetelina we cover a wide range of articles and opinions focusing on various aspects of life on our planet. Our website does not have any commercial objectives, but rather it is a social-cultural project based on voluntary work. Our aim is to make our own contribution to the accumulated experience of humankind. But more precisely, to add something to the life around us. You can read more details about our website at the About section.

As an author, you can join Fetelina with your articles, short or long essays, video posts and podcasts. In fact, we too, are looking at ways to have authors from every country and community from around the world, so that we better reflect the international community with all its diversity and colors. This will be a unique and interesting experiment for all of us.

But we kindly invite all our future authors and contributors to respect and consider the editorial principles we have set. That is, just contribute when you have something new to say, and do it with a beautiful style. Repeating mediocre clichés over and over again, is certainly the last thing we all need. We urge all our contributors to spend their time and resources only for valuable works.

So instead of repeating habitual editorial practices, please only write when you have something new to say. A useful and thought provoking content, written in a proper language with strong arguments, embellished with a beautiful writing style should be your editorial motto. To have a better idea about how a good article should look like, please consider the following points:


-Your articles should cover new thoughts and perspectives that are relating to current global agenda.

-Ideas, arguments and the style of the articles should be unique and creative, they should not be coppied or plagiarized from other sources.

-The articles should contain useful, solid and confirmed information and arguments.

-The articles should have no, or minimal, material mistakes in terms of grammar and spelling.

-The articles should have a significant and touching title as well as a strong summary paragraph.

-The ideal article length should be 1000 or more words.

-All your articles should be written in english.


The Road Map

When, and if, you are ready to come up with your first article, please follow the below steps to join Fetelina as an author:

1-Register at Fetelina as a new user. Then you will be directed to your personal admin panel.

2-Complete your profile fully. Remember to add a recent photo and active email + social media accounts. Because your readers will want to interact with you.

3-At this point contact us at with a message saying that you would like to join as an author.

4-We will fastly review your profile and if everything is in place, we will verify your membership and email adress. After your email has been verified, you are ready to add your articles.

5-To add an article, click on "Add Post" on the left sidebar of your admin panel. From the " Choose a Post Format" that will appear, select "Articles."

6-In the "Add Article" page, add your article. Please leave these sections empty: Slug, Tags, Optional URL.

7-Click "Submit" at the right bottom corner. Your article thus will be added to the system as "Pending." We will fastly review and approve it and then you will appear on Fetelina with your first article.

Alternatively: You can send us your articles and we will do all the above steps.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer any payment for your articles. Because the project is mainly voluntary. Fetelina does not have a huge team. It has come to life thanks to very few people with very limited resources. We are modest enough with our ambitions. We don’t want to get popular or get rich. So there is not really much finance involved. For time being the expenses are not very high anyway and we are able to cover them with our personal resources.

So although we are not able to make any payments for your articles, perhaps there are some other rewards for your contribution. In that sense, Fetelina offers you a unique opportunity to become a respected prominent author as a part of newly flourishing international platform, an opportunity that has no financial equivalent!

Please contact us for any further information and questions at: