I Want my Mornings Back!

Do you remember that beautiful beginning of the day, when you feel so much strength and so much energy, because you know that you have got another chance for doing all those great things you didn’t do yesterday? That part of the each day is called: the morning, you remember now, do you? And it happens just before all your daily responsibilities take your strength away...

I Want my Mornings Back!

You’ve got work to do, and you’ve got some places where you need to be in the exact time, like a dry-cleaner or your child’s school. Also you need to meet some important people, and by important I don’t mean on your family, I mean on your superiors at work. So at the end of the day you are very tired, and it’s the best option for you to just skip the next morning if you have the chance, or to get up from your bed a few minutes before you need to get yourself going. Why not get some extra sleep if you can?


Well, let’s see some numbers. The statistics are saying that 96 percent of the people are up by the 08:30am. It’s not that bad, we can agree on that. But, as soon as you wake up, you realize you are still tired and unfortunately still full of stress. Half of the people (52 percent) check their email, and 61 percent check their phone in the same instant they open their eyes. I can imagine you are not surprised. No matter how old are you, you will have your reasons to check your phone while you are still in bed. Maybe you are waiting for some important information, maybe you are very interested in global geopolitical news, and maybe you need to see how many likes you got on your new Instagram photo.


I don’t blame you; I live in 21st century too. After checking your phone, you need to be quick and efficient. Maybe you have only fifteen minutes for your shower and your coffee. I suppose you don’t have a breakfast each and every day, because hey, who does? The worst thing is that you skip your morning, just like it’s some kind of tunnel which leads to the place where you have to be.


The people were enjoying their mornings for ages, it was a natural beginning of the day. It was a new start and new optimism. It was made for a small talk with your loved ones, for some newspapers (yes, papers, not from your tablet) or for a good book. In the era when the people appreciated all the benefits of a good sunny morning, the coffee was an important thing. You start your day with a black and strong coffee to give you energy for that day. You drink some orange juice, eat some eggs, and you are ready to go. Then you kiss your partner and you leave your house relaxed and happy.


You can only imagine what I am talking about, because you didn’t buy real newspapers last three years, and you didn’t drink your morning coffee without texting or refreshing Facebook since we found out about Zuckerberg. A small talk is something you have to save for your colleges, so you spend time with your wife in silence because the both of you are too tired to speak. After all, in our modern culture it’s passé to be a morning person, I think we can agree on that.


But here’s the thing, I really want my mornings back! And I promise I will do my best to get them. I will start each day thinking: I owe this to my health, to my beauty, and to all those people who love me. Hope you’ll make some serious efforts too. I will pay attention to the Mark Twain’s advice: Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day. It takes courage and it takes patience, but every new day is a new chance, so wake up early, enjoy in that fresh morning air you didn’t feel for so long, and charge your batteries! The day is just about to begin.