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  • Smart Cities or Final Fatal Strike to Freedom?

    Smart Cities or Final Fatal Strike to Freedom?0

    Most of us hearing “Smart city” imagine some sort of futuristic panorama: flying cars, robots, lasers, holographic objects. That is not quite right, however, for smart city, also known as “Intellectual or digital city”, is named so not only because of the technologies used for its development.   

  • Information Age and the Loss of Wisdom

    Information Age and the Loss of Wisdom0

    There are several definitions of the world information, but in everyday life it is equated with the communication, data, and knowledge. Any individual has to do with information in order to perceive outward things. It helps in correct assessment of events, making decisions, finding the better variant of actions. Intuitively people understand that information is supposed to be something that each of us improves our knowledge with.

  • Environmental Racism

    Environmental Racism0

    The problem of environmental fairness became one of the leading issues in social and political discussions of last three decades of XX century and is part and the parcel of ecological inequality of social and race groups and even whole nation’s discrimination. The incitement to this discussion became the investigations of an American sociologist Robert Ballard, who is considered the founder of the environmental unfairness theory, studying the fight of African-American communities against the arrangement of large-scale household landfills within the area of their residence in Texas, USA.

  • Contemporary and Devastating: The Plague of Anxiety Disorder

    Contemporary and Devastating: The Plague of Anxiety Disorder0

    Statistics of anxiety increase, panic strikes, suicidal thoughts causes worry, leading in turn to the chronic anxiety, which nowadays became one of the prevailing mental maladies with more than 40,000,000 diagnosed with it only in North America. It is emotionally and energetically exhaustive and causes many cardio-vascular, gastro-intestinal and immune system disorders, not to mention its ability to distract productive life, deprive of joy and happiness, for people are not capable of feeling positive and negative emotions simultaneously.

  • Who Are the Champions of Cruelty: Human Beings or?

    Who Are the Champions of Cruelty: Human Beings or?0

    You are probably familiar with the claim that human beings are the most cruel creatures on the earth. But, given an objective analysis of the nature and universe, could this cliché possibly be misleading? Observations in the nature and animal world show that the human beings are not alone in performing cruelty on purpose. Furthermore, we are almost sure that outer universe is not that innocent either; galaxies, stars, planets and asteroids are in an incessant struggle to pull and swallow anything weaker. Under such circumstances, what precisely makes us human beings to feel we are the cruelest?

  • Gross National Happiness: An Alternative to Profit Motive of the Free Market

    Gross National Happiness: An Alternative to Profit Motive of the Free Market0

    “The greatest people are not one in which an unequal and boundless wealth produces crude and sordid men and venal and egoistic women: a great pueblo, regardless of its size, is one of generous men and women. The yardstick of any human civilization is the kind of men and women it produces.” –Jose Marti