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  • A Fork in the Road

    A Fork in the Road0

    Life is a series of forks in the road. At each junction, you have to take one path or the other, and the whole rest of your life can be permanently altered by this choice. Should you go to college or join the Army? Should you buy a new car or a used one? Should you get married or continue living in sin?

  • Meaning in the Age of Nihilism

    Meaning in the Age of Nihilism0

    In 2000 I wrote a few hundred words on “The Age of Nihilism.” Some years later that descriptive title is far more apt than before. Like a poison gas settling down over a battlefield, nihilism has, at least for the moment, begun to cloak or threaten so much of contemporary life and thought.


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  • Information Age and the Loss of Wisdom

    Information Age and the Loss of Wisdom0

    There are several definitions of the world information, but in everyday life it is equated with the communication, data, and knowledge. Any individual has to do with information in order to perceive outward things. It helps in correct assessment of events, making decisions, finding the better variant of actions. Intuitively people understand that information is supposed to be something that each of us improves our knowledge with.

  • What Will Our Robotic Future Look Like?

    What Will Our Robotic Future Look Like?0

    Dreams on robotic future are well described by one of the Francisco De Goya’s caprichos: “Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters; united with her, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of their marvels.” The word “Robot” originates from Slavic “rabota”, which in modern language means “work”, but comes from ancient “rabu” with the meaning of “slave”. This is what most people see the robots functions in – serving.

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  • Smart Cities or Final Fatal Strike to Freedom?

    Smart Cities or Final Fatal Strike to Freedom?0

    Most of us hearing “Smart city” imagine some sort of futuristic panorama: flying cars, robots, lasers, holographic objects. That is not quite right, however, for smart city, also known as “Intellectual or digital city”, is named so not only because of the technologies used for its development.   

  • What Are We Doing in the Space?

    What Are We Doing in the Space?0

    Myriads of stars glimmering and shimmering unexplored and obscured kept tempting inquisitive minds for centuries. Humanity always tried to comprehend its assignment in the Universe, adoring and fearing it and strongly believing it to be the home of supreme absolute.

Critical Thinking

  • Regime Change to Save the Syrian People is Pure Hypocrisy

    Regime Change to Save the Syrian People is Pure Hypocrisy0

    Let’s start with the obvious: not a single international player cares about the welfare or security of the Syrian people. They may say they care, but actions speak louder than words.

  • Obsessed Parenting and Its Expensive Illusions

    Obsessed Parenting and Its Expensive Illusions8

    Ok, so, 9 months since conception have passed, the delivery went well, and you are now presented with a beautiful baby, the zenith of the mutual love you have with your partner. But although this is one of the most important events in a life of a couple, representing a symbol of life and love, the adventure has just begun. Becoming a parent, as beautiful as it can be, brings a huge responsibility. You now have a task to teach your kid necessary skills and values in order to have a successful life and to be of great use for society. The trick is that if you do not do it right way, you might have done a great harm to yourself, your child and the others around you. Parenting is not easy, at all.